For performers, the EAMA-Nadia Boulanger Institute offers the opportunity to better understand the music that you perform through the discovery your inner ear. An intensive month-long study of counterpoint, musicianship, harmony, and analysis is lead by our faculty of master teachers whose own evolving method informs the way they impart their musical insight.

This summer, pianist and composer, Emile Naoumoff, will be joined by pianist and music scholar Roy Howat to direct and coach our Chamber Music Program.

One of the last disciples of Nadia Boulanger, Emile Naoumoff brings to our program his breadth of knowledge and profound understanding of the musical world. Also deeply rooted in the French tradition, Roy Howat is a world renown pianist and scholar whose editions of Debussy (Durand), Fauré (Peters) as well as his seminal books, Debussy in Proportion and The Art of French Piano Music, have made Roy an international authority on French music.

What differentiates the Chamber Music Program?

We train you towards a truly multi-layered horizontal hearing allowing you to engage totally in the chamber-music experience.

Knowing what your partners are doing in relation to your own part is critical to real chamber music performance.

We study how to listen to and sing your partners’ parts while playing your own.

Chamber playing is a communal experience.

We strive to have each performer be fully engaged in his/her part while selflessly immersed in each of the other partners’ musical material.

Through intensive coaching, we strive to achieve two main goals: 

1. To provide an intelligent flexibility in your chamber music performance while supporting your chamber partners.

2. To create for your chamber partners an energetic yet comfortable musical space in which each performer is able to have his/her sound bloom and flourish.

By focusing on hearing yourself and your partners at all times, you will enter into a unique three-dimensional musical world where all is clear, and voicing, balance and intention are natural.

You will feel what it is to be at one with your partners and the music.

In addition
Students receive two private chamber music coachings in each of the four weeks of the program and will have the opportunity to perform in concerts in Salle Franck.

Repertoire will be discussed and established with accepted candidates before arrival in Paris.

A selection of these chamber works will be performed and analyzed in analysis classes, presented in group chamber meetings, and selected for personalized chamber music analysis sessions.

Sample Schedule

Day 1

9-9:45 Musicianship or Score Reading (by placement)

11-12:30 Species Counterpoint or Invertible, Canon & Fugue (by placement)

2-3:45 CHORALE

4-6:30 Chamber Coachings

Day 2

11-1 Basic ANALYSIS or Advanced ANALYSIS (returnees only)

3-4:15 Keyboard Harmony (All levels meet)

4:30-6 Workshops: Keyboard Harmony, Counterpoint and/or Canon & Fugue 

4:15-6:45 Chamber coachings

7:30 CONCERTChamber Musicians