Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to meet privately with one of my instructors for extra help, with he or she be available to me?

Our faculty will do its best to meet individually with students who have particular questions about coursework. In addition, we provide weekly workshops in counterpoint and harmony for students who wish to work between classes on their coursework with our faculty.

May I schedule additional private lessons with the faculty?

Yes, if such lessons do not conflict with your other classes and commitments. Students are responsible for any additional fees, payable directly to the administration.

If I don’t like my room, can I change it?

Normally, the dorms where we book our student rooms are usually filled to capacity during the month of July, making it difficult to change rooms.

Is there housekeeping in my dorm room?

Yes, rooms are cleaned weekly. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Clean sheets and towels are provided.

Do I have to take the offered housing?

Every year some students do elect to find housing on their own. It usually requires a great deal of time to find a room or an apartment, a large security deposit and greater expense.

Is the focus of the program to give performances of student works?

The focus of the program is on learning the fundamental tools of composition. A small number of student works do get chosen for performances, not all students get performances of their work.

For Composers: If my work is chosen to be read by the choral or visiting chamber group, will I get a recording?

We normally record all workshop performances of student pieces. These are not professional recordings but we make these archival recordings available to the students after the program. Of course, you are welcome to make a recording for your own use.

For Conductors: Will I get to conduct and/or record part of a concert?

Not necessarily. The focus of the program is to help you internalize and apply fundamental crafts and principles so you can be a more effective conductor. Successful completion of our program should make it possible for you to derive enhanced benefit from practical conducting studies in other contexts. As we help you increase your mastery, we hope to stimulate your imagination, and to deepen your understanding of music’s potential beauty in performance by enabling you to hear more vividly and sensitively. If you are asked to conduct on a concert, you may make a recording for your own use.

For Performers: Will I be able to perform during the program?

Yes, you will be able to perform in chamber music masterclasses and scheduled student concerts in the middle and at the end of July. Works are decided on prior to the program in consultation with the accepted chamber musicians.

What is the focus of the Master Classes?

Master classes are focused on helping students apply the knowledge they are learning in their classes to the works they are writing or studying and helping them find their own voice.

Will Performers and Conductors  have the opportunity to work with Composers?

Yes, the program is designed to promote interaction between composers, conductors and performers. All students take classes together. Composers often ask other musicians to collaborate to read and perhaps perform their works at the scheduled student concerts at the end of the program.