About Us

We have imbued a reverence for method and training among multiple generations of young musicians. And we have seen the ripple of these effects throughout our cultural legacy.

Since 1995, our founders, Narcis Bonet and Philip Lasser, and the core faculty, have shared the vision and the commitment to impart a legacy training that focuses on method as an inroad to discovering one’s musical ear. The curriculum, building upon Nadia Boulanger’s vision, includes intensive coursework in the fundamental tools of musical understanding, choral singing, and musicianship classes.

With more than 1,000 students having been educated through our summer Institute in Paris, our alumni represent the finest in classical music today. Our faculty, also, hold appointments at the most prestigious universities and are awarded with the most respected accolades and commissions.

Our Mission

To inspire musicians through training, education and performances.

How We Do It

Through training and mentorship, you can free your inner ear and create something new.

Why We Believe It

Our musical future is found within our musical past.