Our History. Your Future.

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    Our Mission

    Since 1995, our Summer Music Program in Paris, France inspires musicians through intensive training. We’ve challenged hundreds of musicians to question where they’ve come from and where they are headed. Our intensive musical training offers a method to guide musicians throughout their musical life.

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    Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy is built upon a uniting belief that through training and mentorship, you can free your inner ear and create something new. The conduit of this uniting belief is that our philosophy is method-centric. We do not judge by means of style or aesthetic, but offer a proven set of methods that encourage an ultimate awareness of musical elements. These will guide you on your path to musical discovery forever.

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    Our Faculty

    Our faculty embody our philosophy in the method by which they engage their own music, colleagues and students as master teachers. They are representative of our unique lineage as American composers and offer a diversity of perspectives and approaches to gaining an ultimate awareness of musical factors. We aim for our approach to be welcoming, and we evaluate you for who you are and what you do.

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    Our Students

    Our musical future depends upon the next generation of composers, performers and conductors. And so we welcome students in all stages of their musical journey to join us at our Summer Music Program in Paris in refining their musical awareness to achieve a diversity of career ambitions. And with more than 1,000 students having been educated through our Institute, our alumni represent the finest in classical music today.

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What is your musical future?

We believe that our musical future is found within our musical past and, through training and mentorship, you can free your inner ear to create something new.