For composers, our Institute offers the opportunity to discover your inner ear by means of a unique contrapuntal approach applied to every parameter of music. An intensive month-long study of counterpoint, musicianship, harmony, and analysis is lead by our faculty of master teachers whose own evolving method informs the way they impart their musical insight.

At the conclusion of your month-long study, you will be equipped with a bedrock of musical method certain to make you grow as a musician and inform your every interaction with music throughout your career.

Professor Philip Lasser

About Philip Lasser (Director, EAMA-Nadia Boulanger Institute)

Sample Schedule

Day 1

9-9:45 Musicianship 1/Musicianship 3

9-10:30 Intro the Score Reading 2/Score Reading 2

9:45-10:30 Musicianship 3/Musicianship 4

11-12:30 Species Counterpoint 1 

11-12:30 Species Counterpoint 2 

11-12:30 Invertible, Canon & Fugue 

2-3:45 CHORALE

4- 6:15 Conducting Seminar

4-5:15 Composition Techniques: Choral Music, Bach’s WTC, Elements of Composition

4-5:45 Composition Techniques: Orchestration

5:15-6:30 Composition Techniques: Art Song and Opera

Day 2

11-1 Basic ANALYSIS 

11-1 Advanced ANALYSIS 

3-4:15 Keyboard Harmony (All levels meet)

4:30-6 Counterpoint Workshop. Invertible Counterpoint Workshop 

4:15-6:45 Composition Lessons 

4:30-7 Conducting Lessons 

7:30 CONCERTChamber Musicians